Marilyn and Joe -United Kingdom

Marilyn and Joe from United Kingdom requested for their wedding to be organised in the bush among the wild. Leading Expeditions got this rare opportunity to plan for all this in the month of March.

….” We organised for this in six months period. It was way beyond my expectations”, exclaimed Marilyn.

Marilyn is escorted down the isle by the father and traditional dancers shortly before they tied the knot with Joe Bradshaw.

Marilyn and Joe Bradshaw are seen in an embrace shortly after their wedding from a wildlife sanctuary in the bush.

Laura and Eddy (Australia)

“….We came to Kenya and went to Tanzania for a 6 days safari via Leading Expeditions. Everything just worked as was planned and there were no disappointments. David had our answers at the fingertips. …the drives to the parks were spectacular.

I can entrust David with my car. He is such a careful driver. ….and on coming back to Kenya, Jeff was there to meet us.
I would recommend Leading Expeditions safaris to anyone wishing to adventure… ”

left, Jeff, the Operations officer, (Right) is seen receiving visitors from Safari. Looking on is tour driver David.

Sten & Forsberg

Jeff is seen bidding farewell to Sten & Forsberg after a successful 2 weeks safari “..today I’m back from Kenya !
I must say that Leading Expeditions / Jeff is very good at organizing nice Safaris !
We have had 2 super weeks in Kenya, both at the coast and some Safari (Maasai Mara and Amboseli)”

Best regards, Sten Forsberg

Right,Jeff is seen bidding farewell to Sten & Forsberg after a successful 2 weeks safari

Christian Heymans – Belgium

“I came back last Tuesday in Belgium after 2 weeks in Kenya. ….the organization (Leading Expeditions) was very good and correspond exactly with what they proposed in the initial offer, ( no bad surprise ) I was based in Mombasa and not in Nairobi and i visited the park Tsavo-east and Tsavo-west.

I had a short safari ( 4 days), I was happy of my safari, but if you have the choice, try to see Masai Mara, the tsavo park is very big and it is some time difficult to find the animals.”

Christian Heymans – Belgium

Claire P

“….My boyfriend, his daughter and I traveled to Africa for the 1st time. After extensive searching for a holiday/ safari in our price range we happened to land upon Leading Expeditions Safaris. From the initial contact Jeff from Leading was exceptionally helpful in providing various options to suit our wants and budget. I was naturally hesitant having never visited the country and making a considerable, financial commitment..

Leading were brilliant from start to finish. I was concerned regarding transferring the deposit and equally so in handing over a large sum of cash on arrival. Jeff was very understanding and was on hand to answer my numerous emails and when we met at the airport he arrived with his wife and provided a receipt there and then to assure me that I was not involved in an elaborate scam!

As for the holiday itself I can’t fault it, particularly given the price; the nearest alternative was a beach holiday/ 2 day safari with a popular low cost holiday provider whereas with Leading we had 8 full days safari full board which gave us a real taste of Africa rather than just dipping a toe!

Our guide Bernard was amazing at driving and tracking…he spotted a Python on a tree in passing that we took a while to locate through the binoculars once we’d been told it was there! The whole trip did not disappoint we saw some amazing sights, at times it was hard to believe we were actually there witnessing sights that we’d seen on the nature programmers such as the migration & river crossing when a croc took down a wildebeest! Every day we thought it can’t get better but it did and the Masai Mara lives up to the hype…it was the icing on the cake.. I was expecting a ‘hole in the ground’ loo but the tents had private facilities! We saw many, many animals including 4 of the ‘big 5’ and pretty much saw lions on a daily basis! On the accommodation front all the places we stayed were perfectly adequate- I would say 2/3* (bear in mind your not paying 5* prices!). The Taphe Lodge at Nakura was a particular favorite (close 2nd to the Mara tents) but I would add that the food at all the places we stayed was plentiful and very tasty. Plus we suffered no ill effects (eg. the famous Kenyan Express!)

It does feel like a minefield booking a holiday in such far flung lands and for me it was a holiday of a lifetime so booking with the right provider was make or break; Leading Expeditions provided exceptional service and if the opportunity arose for us to return to Africa we will certainly be using them again.”

Joy Feulner- USA

“..I live in California, USA. I took about 40 people with me on a trip (23 days safari) completely planned by Leading Expeditions. I was very pleased with the trip Jeff put together for me. I feel they are completely honest and if there is something you want special that is different than what they set up, all you have to do is ask and they will give you want you want.
Great guides and vehicles for the game drives. I’m a travel agent and I would recommend them. Good value for your money.”

Jane Wolf- USA

“..From my perspective, the trip was marvelous. The hotels and camps weren’t 5 star but were clean. Besides, we didn’t pay for Tauck Tours. The safaris were outstanding and the guides were knowledgeable. Our guide, Bernard was always there to help and could find animals where one would least expect !
I would definitely use Leading Expeditions Tours again and hope to in the future. Jeff was very professional in all aspects.”
By the way…Jambo is “Hi” in Swahili.
Jane Wolff