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Organizing and planning for weddings in Kenya can be a tedious and expensive affair thus the reason you need a wedding planner organizer. Lower your wedding costs in Kenya by having us plan and share our wedding planning ideas and organize that dream wedding by offering services of wedding transport vehicles, limousines, wedding cake, wedding gowns and floral arrangements. Finally, we will plan for your honeymoon after the wedding in most exotic serene destinations.

Kenya Weddings- African wedding in Kenya from Kenyan coast or Zanzibar island

At Leading Expeditions we have different wedding arrangements forthe kind of wedding you have always envisaged. We will give you an island wedding, whether private or public and after, the most romantic honeymoon you have always dreamed of.

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Astounding views of the ocean greet you from every angle along the coastline, making romantic walks along the beach a favourable pastime for many young lovers.

Dining is an adventure in itself at the coast, with food that is varied, generous and delicious. Menus change regularly so that guests can experience everything from traditional foods to exquisite cuisine of international standards.

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